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The Past May Be Intruding on the Present…

Here in the Nation’s Oldest City, spirits, spooks and apparitions stalk the streets.  These citizens of the past seem to have vested interest in the future and here at Old Town Trolley we are more than happy to oblige.  Our Ghosts and Gravestones tour takes the only bravest guests on a journey through the ghoulish, gruesome and downright ghostly history of the city.
You’ll begin your night at our Welcome Center on San Marco Avenue. As your Ghost Host welcomes you aboard, the Trolley of the Doomed whisks you into the heart of the Ancient City.  The haunted legends and stories begin immediately, with the tale of a doomed supply ship and the darkness it wrought upon the unsuspecting town in 1821.  From there guests are regaled with the tales of a cemetery whose citizens haven’t realized that they’ve passed on, a bride still practicing her wedding march and a hotel where the party never ends.
As the night wears on, the tour progresses deeper and deeper not only into the city itself but into the dark corners of our history as well.  Shadows and secrets are brought into the light as the Trolley of the Doomed brings its guests to the highlight of their evening.
Located at 167 San Marco Avenue, the Old Jail looms out of the darkness as the trolley draws closer.  During daylight hours the building is a living history museum.  Guides lead their groups in and out of the turn-of-the century cells as the horrors endured by prisoners of the past seem to be safely confined there.  But at night, the echoes of these restless spirits reverberate through the building.  During the 61 years that prisoners were confined here, they endured conditions that tested the limits of the human spirit.  Violence abounded as prisoners quarreled amongst themselves.  Vermin and insects infested the building and sanitary conditions were practically non-existent.  If the convicts managed to survive all of this, the daily work details might be just the thing to finish them off.
Watch your step as you enter the Old Jail.  The property is teeming with activity and if you’re very lucky your camera might just capture an orb for all to see.  Apparitions, cold spots and clouds of mist have all been documented here at one point or another.  This foreboding structure is so active in fact that the Paranormal Seekers hold investigations every Friday and Saturday night, open to the public and by reservation only.  Join the hunt if you dare!
Ghosts and Gravestones is presented by Historic Tours of America.  Tickets can be purchased online, by phone (904) 826-3663 or in person at any of our sales locations here in St. Augustine.  Reservations are required and tours sell out nightly.  Get your seats early and be sure not to miss St. Augustine’s Premier Frightseeing Adventure!

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