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CASTmember Spotlight– Fred Harris

Facilities Manager, St. Augustine

Fred was born in St. Augustine, FL where he has lived my entire life with the exception of his college years. After college, he opened his own restaurant, which was a fantastic experience as cooking has always been a love of his. After he closed his restaurant, he took a few months off to remodel a home that he purchased.Then, Fred came to work for Old Town Trolley Tours of St. Augustine, where he has worked in the facilities department for two and a half years. For the last year or so he have been the manager of the facilities department which, “Has been a truly wonderful experience. I have the pleasure to work with 150 wonderful people that take pride in the job they do so that our guests can make the best possible memories while they visit our lovely city.  It has been my pleasure to continue to call Old Town Trolley Tours of St. Augustine my home away from home.Fred Harris Castmember Spotlight

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