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CASTmember Spotlight: Lindsay Gray


“I was born in New Jersey but lived in Louisiana for most of my life. I attended Northwestern State University, where I was known around the theater department as the metal mistress for my welding skills. While in college, I played Scout in the production, “To Kill a Mockingbird” and was also Miss Congeniality 2005. Acting is my passion and I also love singing in my church’s band. I also had parts in Denzel Washington’s “Great Debater” as well as a lifetime original movie, “Queen Sized.”
Now I live in my favorite town with my seven year old daughter. We paint, sing, cook and dance together. I also refurbish furniture in my past time. I am the manager of Potter’s Wax Museum and I get to wake up every morning to a job I love and a staff I’ve been blessed with. “

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