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CASTmember Spotlight: Stephen ‘Ponch’ Scott


Ponch 2“I’ve been with OTT/San Diego for two and half years. I first discovered OTT when my wife and I visited California to see family in Orange County.  We would often drive to San Diego since we were planning to move here after I retired. We took the Old Town Trolley tour on a couple of occasions, and we both thought it would be a perfect “retirement job” for me. However, retirement, and the coast-to-coast move, was not going to happen just yet. I had a job to finish.
I was born in Buffalo, NY and spent most of my childhood there. As a teenager, my family moved 60 miles to the east, to Rochester. After many attempts to join the Olympic underwater sandwich-making team, and having endured an epic “fail” at my Chippendale’s audition, I decided to become one of “Rochester’s Finest” at the tender age of twenty-one. During the next 20 years I got to play cops and robbers, chasing the bad guys, shooting lots of guns, and driving really, really fast. With a red light and siren!
I worked in the vice-squad as an undercover narcotics officer, kicked in drug house doors during raids, and instructed for ten years in firearms, self-defense, pursuit driving, and domestic violence. As a hostage negotiator, I talked people from plunging to their deaths, coaxed armed gunmen out of hiding, and smoked cigarettes with people on the wrong side of the railing. During my last two years, I was honored to serve as the Department Spokesperson before retiring from service in 2012.
Now, while at the perfect “retirement job,” I am also working to carve out a career in the larger entertainment field including plays, musicals, film, and voice-over work.”

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