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Favorite Foods of the Presidents

As our nation has been hunkered down at home due to Covid 19, we have all had to get creative in our kitchens. With most restaurant dining at a standstill, eating in has become the norm and this writer cannot wait to for the day I can venture out and have someone cook me.

Eating in at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is probably a whole lot different than what goes on at my house. Which got me thinking, what are the favorite foods of some of our presidents?

Most people know of Ronald Reagan’s love of jelly beans or Bill Clinton’s and Donald’s Trump’s love of MacDonalds hamburgers. It is probably no surprise the Kennedy favored the flavors of his New England upbringing such as fish chowder. Midwesterners like Truman and Eisenhower were big fans of beef, steak and stew to be exact. But did you know that Richard Nixon’ favorite food was cottage cheese? Or how about Teddy Roosevelt and fried chicken? Lincoln’s favorite was gingerbread, a real treat to him having grown up poor in Kentucky. Most folks know about George Washington and his wooden teeth, but did you know the reason he had dentures was because he used his to crack his favorite food…nuts!

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