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For the foood lovers amongst us…

My Five St. Augustine Food Favorites;

I’d like to start off by pointing out these are simply my five favorite things to eat here in St. Augustine. I’ve conducted no formal polls and there is absolutely no scientific basis to any of my choices, beyond the fact I find them to be absolutely yummy.  Nor do I work for any of the restaurants in question.  I am but a simple local, out to try as many different restaurants as time, the budget and my waistline will allow.

Without further ado, I present My Five St. Augustine Food Favorites;

1. Ale & Cheese soup at A1A Aleworks.  I absolutely adore the way the cheddar cheese is blended with their Red Brick Ale, caramelized onions and roasted barley.  The mesh of flavors is very balanced and as a result no one flavor overpowers any others.  This soup is very rich and makes a great meal when paired with a salad or crab cakes.  Mmm cheese…bring on the cheese.  A1A Aleworks is quite convenient to Old Town Trolley Stop #15.

2. 1905 Salad from the Columbia Restaurant.  Whoever thought that a lettuce, Swiss cheese and tomato salad could be so downright delicious when paired with the right dressing?  I particularly enjoy having choice of ham or turkey sprinkled over the top, not to mention the lovely green olives.  Between the fresh squeezed lemon juice, the wine vinegar, olive oil and garlic and herbs, my taste buds are on sensory overload, which is just fine with me!  You can find the Columbia Restaurant at Old Town Trolley Stop #7

3. The Vintners White at the San Sebastian Winery.  I’m a self admitted wine ignoramus.  It’s not a drink I usually indulge in and all that bouquet, nose, dry, full-bodied stuff makes my head spin.  But the Vintners White is almost enough to turn me into an oenologist.  A glass of this smooth, slightly sweet white wine goes very well with chicken, fish or just a relaxing glass with dessert after a long hard day.  The San Sebastian Winery can be found at Old Town Trolley Stop #10.

4. Dat’l Do It Fried Shrimp from Barnacle Bill’s.  Datil peppers are native to St. Augustine and their unique spice can be found in many of our local dishes.  Just a dusting of Datil powder added to the shrimp breading makes this dish extraordinary.  Without setting your mouth on fire, this distinctive flavor definitely adds a pleasant layer of heat to the mild taste of the shrimp.  Barnacle Bill’s is located across the street from Old Town Trolley Stop #4

5. Claude’s Chocolate Mayan Spicy Chocolate.  As you can probably tell by now, I enjoy a little spice with my meals and that even extends to my chocolate addiction.  These hand formed Belgian chocolates are amazing, even before the addition of ancho and chipotle chili powder to the dark chocolate ganache.  The spice of the chili powder and the slight bitterness of the dark chocolate blend perfectly to create my favorite after-dinner treat. Claude’s Chocolates can be found at Old Town Trolley Stop #7.

So there you have it folks, a simple list from a simple local about her favorite local foods.  Oh sure, you could probably order one or two of them over the internet but why do that when you can travel here and taste them in person?  Can’t you just feel that chocolate melting in your mouth?  The taste of that first sip of wine?  How about the crunch of the first perfectly fried shrimp?  And best of all, all of these gastronomic delights are accessible from the Old Town Trolley Tour route.  You don’t even have to drive!

With that, I now wander off in search of food and make a mental note not to make lists like this when I’m hungry.

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