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How Do You Feel About Labor Day?

Labor Day in Boston from Longfellow Bridge

If you’re like many American’s the thought of Labor Day brings a mix of emotions. Wait, mix of emotions you say? I thought Labor Day was for pool parties, cookouts, and an extra day off work, why would I have mixed emotions about that? Well, many people often forget that Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer and the start of school for kids. Now for parents, kids going back to school might add another positive aspect to the holiday, but for kids, not so much. Here is a list of things that happen on or around Labor Day each year that some people might not realize and again might bring a mix of emotions…

Start of NCAA and NFL Football Season
Labor Day in Boston will probably bring a slight change to fall weather, in addition to many other cities in New England.
Wearing White and Seersucker is no longer considered seasonally fashionable
Start of the school year
End of summer vacation
The Days Start to Get Shorter
Time to plan your fall events
Only 3.5 Months until Christmas
Start of the Holiday shopping season (Really?)
Only 4 Months until the start of Old Town Trolley Boston Chocolate Tours

Whether you see Labor Day as a positive or negative time of year, we can all agree that it is one of the best times to visit Old Town Trolley Tours! Visit our website to learn about Washington DC Labor Day 2012 Events or plenty of other cities near you!

Let us know your thoughts about Labor Day, whether you like or dislike it and maybe some of your memories…

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