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Lobster, Lobster Everywhere

Each July, the fourth Wednesday and Thursday to be exact, Mini Lobster season opens up to amateurs in the Florida Keys. It’s a little head start before the official Florida Lobster season opens on August 6.

Not really a lobster, the Florida lobster that we know and love with hot drawn butter, is actually a member of the langusta family or to be even more precise, achelate crustaceans, and not a lobster at all. But we don’t care what you call them. We love them. Locals and visitors alike look forward to the when the spiny crustacean makes his appearance back on restaurant menus, at our local fish market, on our backyard grills. We call in sick to go out in our boats to get our haul, which for the record is 6 per person per day. Let’s not be greedy. Lobster season runs through the end of March.

And while we are at it, let’s talk about a couple of rules. The carapace (Google it if you don’t know) must be more than three inches. No spearfishing or puncturing of the lobster to catch it. Oh yeah, and you need a recreational saltwater fishing license and a lobster permit. And must leave any egg bearing lobster alone. Those gals are doing their part to keep the population going strong.

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