old Town Trolley Tours quiz challenge

Meet Conductor Philip Fondaw

Philip Fondow

Philip Fondow

San Diego native, Philip Fondaw spent 24 years a missionary to Japan and is a retired school teacher. This includes working with 5th graders and teaching English as a Second Language at the senior high level. As much as Philip has enjoyed each of these jobs, he has confessed to us that he has never had more fun on a job than driving in circles around San Diego and showcasing hi home town to nice people from across the globe.




Q | What is your idea of perfect happiness?
A | Knowing that I am loved.

Q | What is my greatest fear?
A | Heights

Q | What do I most dislike in others?
A | Dishonesty. I value trust and acceptance in my friends more than all else.

Q | What is my greatest achievement?
A | That both of the children my wife and I have raised love the Lord.

Q | What is my favorite vacation spot
A | The mountain village we visited so many times: Karuizawa, Japan.

Q | Who are my favorite writers?
A | Jonathan Kellerman and the writer of Old Testament Psalms, King David.

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