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Meet Tim Conway

Tim Conway

Tim Conway

I was born and raised in N. E. Ohio, I had a great life growing up on the river and then the lake. I had a great childhood! My parents were both professionals, a teacher and a dentist. They both grew up during the depression with a love of life, family and fun. They taught my sister, brother and I that family is FIRST. I live that to this day.
My life after “leaving home” was about wrestling in college at Kent State and at Western State in Colorado. I was good but not great. After college I joined the Navy, had great a great time and got to see a lot of the world. That’s when I became a Yankee! I met and fell in love with Rhonda, a southern girl, and stayed.
When I was discharged from the Navy I began my sales career. I sold everything from boats and windsurfers to marine supplies during my 25 years in industrial and commercial sales. I’ve spent as much time with my boys and their school and athletics as I could. They’re great! I could go on and on about them and especially Rhonda but I won’t.

Which living person do you most admire?
If my father were still alive it would be him! He was the smartest, most fun to be around, hardworking, with an absolute love life and family. Since he passed it has to be my wife Rhonda. She has always been there for me and the boys, and has persevered through cancer and her mother’s death with grace and tenacity. She does her best to keep me in line! She has to be a saint to put up with me for over 32 years!

Who or what is the greatest love of your life?
Easy peasy, my wife Rhonda.

If there was one place you would like to live besides your current city, where would it be?
Two places, a winter home in Hope Town, Bahamas and a summer home on a lake up north.

What is your favorite occupation?
SALES, I love what I do. I’m pretty good at it. There are so many opportunities! Every business starts with someone selling something.

Who are your favorite writers?
Lee Child, James Patterson and Milton Freedman

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