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My favorite Guest…

Sales Rep and FrankWe have a comment card program at Old Town Trolley Tours. Everyone who purchases a ticket is invited to send a comment to us via email or postal service.We distribute about a hundred comment cards to our CAST at least once a month. Occasionally our guests will write letters and some even include pictures. These are the most rewarding ones. Recently, I received my favorite letter of all. It came from Frank Q. Dinosaur.

Dear Old Town Trolley Tours of Washington, DC:

I was in Washington, DC, for a convention recently. Instead of going to the seminar Size: How to Blend in a Crowd I decided to play hooky and take your tour. So often in customer service, companies are only made aware of the problems. After experiencing your service I wanted to do something different and personally write a letter expressing my thanks to you.

Upon calling your number on the free map I got from my hotel, your receptionist informed me that I should go to Union Station to start. When I arrived, there was a bit of a line, but one of your sales staff assured me that since you come by at least every thirty minutes, I wouldn’t have to wait too long. I was able to board and found my seat.

Getting on was a cinch!

By the way, those seats may be comfortable to someone who is a little smaller. I barely had enough room for my tail. This would be my only complaint.

Since I had the convenience of hopping on and off the trolley bus, I decided to get off at the Jefferson Memorial, which is your stop number 4. The conductor made the tour personal to the audience. I guess that’s the advantage of having live narration. He answered questions, asked trivia, cracked jokes and even advised us on various picture opportunities. For example, he told me about the great view I could get from atop the bridge just 20 feet away. Something a recording could never do!

It's such a brilliant city when you admire from afar.

I then got back to the stop after visiting with Mr. Jefferson and hopped back on the trolley. When I re-boarded, the new conductor stated the Franklin Roosevelt Memorial was his favorite. I hopped off and now, it’s MY favorite. It was spectacular!

What an inspirational President

Point…although FDR is clear in this picture, you must realize that my son Alex was the photographer. He’s six million years old, but a technical wizard he is not.

After waiting ten minutes, I got back on the trolley. I rode to the Washington Welcome Center where I was able to buy a shirt for my cousin, Nancy. We bought the “I Heart DC” shirt. No other shirts came in XXXXXXXL.

Buying a souvenir

Afterwards, I was able to get on the Green Line right away. After only an hour and fifteen minutes riding all the around, I was right back at the Welcome Center. I got on the next Orange Line and ended my tour at Union Station. I took this picture from the trolley. I can’t believe how beautiful this structure is.

Awesome.  Just awesome.

The guides were knowledgeable, friendly and courteous. I felt safe as they navigated through traffic. What I thoroughly enjoyed was the full narration and the interaction they provided. I was so impressed with the Trolley Tour, I took the DC Duck tour afterward. What a hoot! Seeing DC from the Potomac River was like I stepped back in time to the days of old.  I even kept my quacker.

I can't believe this vehicle goes in the water!

Exhausted after a long day of touring, I went back to my hotel, started a fire and curled up with a book.  I barely got through the first chapter of it before I fell asleep.  I was tired!  It’s amazing how much stuff there is to see in your city and how much one can accomplish in just one day.

I will be visiting Boston, MA next month for a business trip.  I understand you have a Trolley operation there.  I’ll definitely take the tour but this time, I’ll be sure to use www.trustedtours.com. Until we meet again.


Frank Q. Dinosaur

Letters like that with the pictures to go along are testimonials money just can’t buy.

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