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Old Town Trolley Tours of Washington wins bid to operate tours at Arlington National Cemetery

Old Town Trolley Tours of Washington, recently won the bid to provide exclusive interpretive tours for Arlington National Cemetery.  This is an extraordinary honor for our company and we look at it as a sacred trust.

Arlington National Cemetery sits on the former plantation of Mary Anna Randolph Custis who was the granddaughter of George Washington.  She was married to Robert E. Lee and together they lived there until the outbreak of the Civil War.  When President Lincoln called Lee to the Blair House and offered him the command of the Union forces, Lee’s response was, “I cannot raise my sword against my fellow Virginians”.  He and Mary Anna abandoned the house and moved to Richmond.

During the Civil War their home, Arlington House, became a hospital under the former West Point colleague of Lee, Montgomery Meigs.  Meigs was so incensed with Lee’s defection to the Confederates that in 1864, when patients in the hospital died, he buried them in the estate garden to insure that Lee could never return to his home.  Today, there are over 400,000 men and women buried at Arlington National Cemetery.  Three million people a year visit the cemetery and approximately 450,000 take the tours annually.

While the notable gravesites in Arlington National Cemetery include the Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier, President John F. Kennedy, Medger Evers, Thurgood Marshall, George C. Marshall, Gus Grissom and military heroes from Abner Doubleday to Admiral “Bull” Halsey, the main sense about Arlington National Cemetery is the 400,000 men and women and their families who gave “the last full measure” to this country so that we could enjoy the freedoms for which the United States of America has become known.

Arlington National Cemetery Tours

Arlington National Cemetery Tours


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