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Steamships Race on San Diego Bay

The steamship Medea

Visitors along San Diego Bay got a rare look at steam-powered yachts, the graceful boats built early last century that ruled the waves in the age before diesel engines. The Maritime Museum of San Diego’s steam yacht, Medea, and the visiting 126-foot-long steam yacht, Cangarda, raced on San Diego Bay. This marked the first time two of the world’s only three remaining operational steam yachts from the 1901-1910 Edwardian era met to race.

“This is a unique opportunity,” said Ray Ashley, Ph.D., executive director of the Maritime Museum of San Diego. “It may be that no living person has seen two of these boats together, and maybe no one will again.”

These elegant steam yachts are rare since many were used as warships during World War I and were lost during anti-submarine efforts. Then the advent of diesel engines for yachts began.

The Cangarda

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