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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas DC Trolley Style

by Abe Burgos

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through DC
Not a car on the pavement, ‘cept the trolley
The snow on the ground was a shimmering white
The Capitol and Monument lit up bright

Our guests were amazed by the stories being said
The visions of Christmas dancing in their head.
The driver cheeks rosy, his head donned a hat
Pushed to one side, ‘cause here we wear it like that.

When off down the mall there was a simple sleigh
The driver halted to see if all was okay.
Out of his seat, he sprung up with such alarm
Out of the door he flew, banging one arm.

The moon high above, a hint of light it shed
The driver saw a man in a suit of red.
“Is all okay,” the driver asked to the man
“I have broken down, please help me if you can.”

“I have toys to bring to children who are good.
I can’t do it myself. I normally would.”
The driver thought and thought, and then thought some more
What experience! What a thought to explore!

He asked all his guests if they would come along
YES! They cried. Off they went while singing a song.
The man grabbed his packages of Christmas cheer
The trolley front, he attached 8 reindeer.

The man hopped in the seat closest to the door,
He shouted “On Dasher,” then named seven more.
“We have children to see, and we can’t be late,
The children need presents, we can’t hesitate!”

The trolley flew high, way above eyes can see
‘bove the buildings and National Christmas Tree.
They delivered all gifts to the old and young
They all knew of the task needed to be done.

When they landed back on the National Mall
The man gave thanks to the large and to the small
The driver was happy, the guests full of glee
Happy Holidays to all from Old Town Trolley.

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